By Joe Coyne (C.S.C.S)

There is nothing worse than putting in hours of “WORK” to achieve your goal then realizing you’ve been doing it all wrong.  If you’re taking a trip from Texas to California and want to get there as soon as possible you wouldn’t start off heading east toward Florida right?  So let’s eliminate the guessing.  The youth baseball industry has been a guessing game for too long;  “How do I throw harder?” How do I become more powerful and more consistent at the plate?  How do I get faster?  The answer in short is consistency.  But let’s make consistent progress in the right direction.

Here at Atlantic Sports we’ve established a system.  Did we invent it? NOPE.  Did we go out and do the research to learn from the best in the business from all over the country?  YES! We’ve decided that the guessing and aimless hours of training need to be taken out of the equation.  We are here to give our athletes the results they are looking for.  The questions they want answers to.. we will provide them;  The honest feedback,  the step by step journey they need to take to achieve their goal will be laid out for them up front.  We have a series of checkpoints throughout the baseball training to make sure you are on track to achieve your goal and make things competitive and exciting.  If you want the results and you are dedicated to the process of achieving your goals come on in and be ready to take steps you’ve never taken to achieve results you’ve never seen before.  If you aren’t serious about achieving your goals this isn’t the right program for you. 

As I stated before, the guessing game of youth baseball is over; The serious athletes who want to be part of next level baseball will be given the opportunity to thrive on an in-house strength and conditioning program specifically designed for their needs, a velocity development program that will not only increase velocity but keep the arm healthy all year long, and a hitting progression program designed and supervised by high level coaches to eliminate the holes in their swing and correct the poor patterns created by the youth baseball industry.

Our goal is not to knock other programs or other coaches on how they handle their players,  we just want to let you know that if you are serious about playing at the next level it is time to take the next step and get ready to be an animal on the field.  Baseball on the south shore has been tainted over the years and it is our job to turn the area into a baseball powerhouse again.  So like I said,  if you are serious about playing to the best of your ability, come join the movement with our baseball training.  If your passion lies elsewhere there are plenty of other ways to spend your time. 

Baseball is an individual sport in a team atmosphere.  The work you put in will determine the respect you get from your teammates and the results you will see on the field.  We are looking players who will grind for the guys on the field next to them and show up to the field knowing they are more prepared than their opponent.  Preparation breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.  If you are looking to get the most out of your athletic ability, train like a beast, prepare like a professional, and reap the benefits on the field, we will see you here at Atlantic Sports Performance.  If this is not your goal, we will see you on the other side of the field.. Goodluck.  Lets make baseball great again!