Athlete strength + conditioning

Ages 14+


What Is Our Athlete Development System AND WHY IS IT SUPERIOR ?

Physics based training? Our system is derived from a method proven to  produce dramatic increases in speed, strength, and power. For decades this method has been used by OLYMPIC & NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, and is responsible for producing world record holders in over 45 different sports. 

The major difference in our system is that we take the athlete through levels of development as he or she grows,  and in turn, peak the athlete weekly through our stematic programming rotating the training stimulus weekly, bi-weekly, and tri-weekly


This keeps our athletes progressing explosively, safely and consistently breaking records in the gym, and in the technical driven mechanics of his or her sport EVERY WEEK, 52 WEEKS A YEAR.

Our athletes are involved in a system that makes our weight room and field a living – laboratory where we are literally breaking records every week. This accounts for 1,000’s of records per year throughout our athlete population. This enables us to progress and evolve our system faster than any other gym or program in the playing field.  



This training program is based off of a monthly recurring membership which includes an UNLIMITED amount of training sessions per week. These sessions are all 1 hour in length.


Each class is self scheduling via our scheduling software or our convenient app (available in the app store). All classes must be scheduled in advance to avoid overbooked classes. IF YOU NEED HELP SCHEDULING SEE BELOW!


Watch yourself improve and break personal records weekly through our programming. Group classes are all coached by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Through our sport specific training, you can watch your time in the gym carry over to the technical movements involved in your sport while also building up injury prevention