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We’ve all heard it before… young athletes shouldn’t lift weights, resistance training stunts your growth, weight training is too risky… However, the fact of the matter is playing a sport (even at the youth level) is far more dangerous than a youth athlete weightlifting!

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Baseball Training Programs

What is ASP About? – Baseball Edition

There is nothing worse than putting in hours of “work” to achieve your goal then realizing you’ve been doing it all wrong. If you’re taking a trip from Texas to California and want to get there as soon as possible you wouldn’t start off heading east toward Florida right? So lets eliminate the guessing.

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youth strength training

Building A Foundation For The Future

“Lifting when you’re young stunts your growth”
“Kids lifting weights is unsafe”
“It is bad for their maturing joints”…..These are all comments from parents who most likely have spent copious amounts of money on their children’s medical bills during their brief teenage athletic career.

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Best Nutrition Plan for Athlete


When it comes to athlete nutrition there is no one size fits all plan, no magic pill, no quick answer. It comes down to knowing your body type and identifying your personal nutritional needs based on YOU. At the risk of oversimplification there are typically Three body types, all three of which have different nutritional needs.

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Your Ride Or Die Big 5

After much thought and lots of second guessing myself it became clear to me what I would pick. The decision was not made by which lifts were my favorite or which lifts were gonna make me look better at the beach… The decision came from a practical standpoint. If you are trying to turn yourself into a beast of an athlete you have to attack the body from all angles. The body can do incredible things…

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burn fat

Burn Fat While Sitting On Your Couch?

The “After Burn Effect” of HIIT training is associated with elevations in metabolism due to all of these “chores” the body needs to do after exercise to return to homeostasis. The body has to work twice as hard to restore itself after high intensity bouts as opposed to low intensity (steady state) cardio.

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Bring Back The Super Set

Bring Back The Super Set!

Are you frustrated cause you are spending way too many hours at the gym and you still don’t look like Arnold… Could it be the 12 slices of pizza per week.. Nah.. Maybe the 28 beers you slam every weekend… Doubtful… could it be the way you workout…hmm?

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Building The Top Level Ball Player

It should really be no secret now that there’s no magic pill or easy fix that’s going to help you throw like the next Nolan Ryan or hit like the next Barry Bonds… And in all honesty not everyone’s rotator cuff was blessed with the god-given potential to touch 90, or the combo of 20/10 vision and fast twitch muscle fibers to adjust to a tight slider and hit it 400+ feet.

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Sprint Less To Sprint Faster?

Elite level sprinters will produce over 1,000 lbs of force into the ground during each push off in a sprint. The amount of work done during one 100 m dash is essentially more than an elite powerlifter will do in one week.

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