hybrid football training

Ages 9-13

*Runs All Year Long*


hybrid football training - the perfect synergy of skills and speed/strength/agility

Football players are among some of the finest athletes in the world and that is a testament to their grueling regime. If you want to perform at YOUR best and fine tune your football drills and position training as well as STRENGTH, SPEED, and AGILITY – whatever level that might be – you can learn a lot from the way athletes train at Atlantic Sports Performance.

HYBRID FOOTBALL TRAINING is a program that is met to fit the needs of the youth football player by pairing Football Skills classes on the weekends as well as our Intro To Strength Training – Monday thru Thursday. We have combined all the facets of becoming a well rounded athlete into one monthly membership with – unlimited classes, convenient hours, and easy self scheduling through our app.

Hybrid football includes

  • Proper Tackling / Blocking Technique
  • Understanding The Game
  • Receiving and Quarterback Drills 
  • Defensive Drills
  •  Speed/ Agility/ Strength
  • Physics Based Training – Guaranteed Results



This training program is based off of a monthly recurring membership which includes an UNLIMITED amount of training sessions per week. These sessions are all 1 hour in length.


Each class is self scheduling via our scheduling software or our convenient app (available in the app store). All classes must be scheduled in advance to avoid overbooked classes. IF YOU NEED HELP SCHEDULING SEE BELOW!


Our certified coaches are here to guide you every step of the way as you watch yourself move from building a solid base to reaching your top potential as a well rounded athlete.


Through our sport specific training, you can watch your time in the gym carry over to the technical movements involved in your sport while also building up injury prevention