Hybrid Softball Training

What Is Hybrid Training?

Hybrid Training

All Year Long Training, Combining pertinent Softball skill classes with strength, speed and agility sessions. Atlantic performance is offering Hybrid Softball Training Memberships for the 14 through 18 age athlete. The Membership constitutes classes in 

Arm Velocity Enhancement Progression

Linear Progressive Hitting

Fused with group strength classes. the premise is to build a better athlete/ baseball player in perfect synergy!

Schedule/ Pricing

Why Should I Become A Member?

this program is designed to accommodate the serious athlete with the desire to ascend to the next level. it also affords the multi- sport athlete the time to train for softball, strength,speed, and agility. a hybrid membership allows the opportunity for…

players choose what classes, days, and times they wish to participate in. all classes are scheduled by the player via our online scheduling system. multi-days and times are available with plenty of hours to train at your convenience. you may attend as many classes as you would like.

the weight room is available a wide spectrum of times per week. you may self – schedule the recommended three. 

*Hybrid Training is offered through Membership ONLY*

*All training is supervised by our professional staff*