Top 5 Speed Drills For Baseball Players

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Speed Drills For Baseball

Baseball is a game of seconds, so speed is KING. Speed can mean the difference between being safe and being thrown out. Making a game-saving catch or allowing a triple in the gap. There is no such thing as being too quick.

When people hear the words “Speed training,” they often think of agility ladders, parachute sprints, or ankle weights. Although those tools may help some people improve their speed, they are most likely not the most effective form of training.

We believe that speed training consists of three components:

Force Development Rate:

The speed with which you can apply force. How we strength train can help us develop our rate of force development.


The ease with which you can apply force repeatedly. You may be stronger than someone who is faster than you, but this could be because your technique is poor.


Your ability to apply your speed to your sport. Each sport has its own set of physical demands. If you refuse to train in accordance with those specifications, you are training inefficiently.

After considering all of this, here are 5 speed drills for baseball  that we use to increase your speed on the baseball field.

1. Kneeling lateral Sprint

2. Sumo deadlift

3. Broad jump

4. Box Jump

5. Back Squat

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