Youth athlete development

Ages 9 -13

- strength + conditioning

- speed + explosiveness

- power + velocity


Step- by- step guidance

Each class is instructed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the goal of maximizing your genetic potential. Our system is derived from a method proven to produce dramatic increases in speed, strength, and power. For decades this method has been used by OLYMPIC & NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, and is responsible for producing world record holders in over 45 different sports.

self scheduling classes

Each class is self-scheduled via our scheduling software website or on our Atlantic Sports Performance App (available in the app store). All classes must be scheduled in advance to avoid overbooked classes. A wide range of class hours is available to athletes.

unlimited training

Atlantic Sports Performance Training Program includes an unlimited amount of training sessions per week with a certified strength coach. Each class is 60 minutes and are offered Monday - Thursday.


We use a PROVEN formula, based on biomechanics to DEVELOP FORCE PRODUCTION & RATE OF FORCE increasing linear and lateral speed.

We use a proven formula, based on biomechanics and motor unit control to DEVELOP FORCE PRODUCTION & RATE OF FORCE to increase linear and lateral speed. Through our custom APP technology, and progress tracking, our Performance Team provides effective coaching based on physics to increase your functional speed.


build a base

Once training commences we implement a Foundational Section of work known as GPP. This functions as the base of the athletes work capacity with a special focus on developing ligaments and tendons.

develop linear/ lateral force

At this stage we are focusing on developing maximal force in the directions the athlete must produce based on their sport/ position.

increase rate of force development

As the Athlete produces a higher amount of MAXIMAL FORCE, we must begin to develop the athletes ability to produce that force as quickly as possible through dynamic motor learning

move to tranSfer

This module within our equation allows us to to transfer newly aquired strength & speed into highly sport specific movemens and complexes to mimic the athletes roles on the field

Youth Athlete Development


athletes choose what class they would like to attend via our app, and based on preference/ time convenience.

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